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Daphne Jackson fellows

Interested in becoming a fellow? Go to the Returners to Research Fellowships page (in Funding section).

Current Daphne Jackson Trust Fellows receiving at least 50% support from BBSRC.

Starting in 2018

Fellows Name Host organisation Research project
Dr Zulfa Yoosuf Aly Cardiff University High-throughput screening and directed evolution of Germacrene D Synthase and 7-Epizingiberene Synthase
Dr Polly Couldrick University of Exeter A non-lethal method to determine sex in the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) to aid fisheries management
Dr Gillian Halket University of Strathclyde Genomic Mining of Thermophilic Actinobacteria for Novel Antibiotics

Starting in 2017

Fellows Name Host organisation Research project
Dr Irina Abnizova Babraham Institute Sequence determinants of epigenomic heterogeneity and gene expression variability
Dr Nicola Atkinson John Innes Centre Genome engineering in wheat for enhanced stress tolerance
Ms Johanna McNicholl-Kennedy University of Leicester The development of an ex vivo porcine spleen perfusion model to investigate the early stages of systemic disease
Dr Kelly Thornber University of Exeter Establishing factors that influence the spread of antimicrobial resistance in Asian aquaculture

Starting in 2016

Fellows Name Host organisation Research project
Dr Clara de Pascale University of Westminster The mechanism of action of Urocortin, a novel inhibitor of both chondrocytes apoptosis and bone resorption

Starting in 2015

Fellows Name Host organisation Research project
Dr Sreelekha Benny University of Reading Probing the structure, dynamics and drug-binding of DNA i-motif loop regions: a computational study