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Disabled students allowance

For students funded through a training grant, universities can apply to the Research Council (RC) for help with paying Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

How to apply

It is the responsibility of the Disability Office (DO) at the Research Organisation (RO) to determine the eligibility of any student to apply for DSA. The DO is authorised by the research councils to decide whether an assessment of needs is required.

Once the eligibility of the student and the requirements for assistance are established, the DO should contact the training grant coordinator/manager to access funding to meet the requirements of the student from training grant payments made to the RO.

The claim form, with associated guidance, and advice to both the student and the research organisation are available from the UK Research and Innovation website (see external links).

Please read these documents carefully as the RC will not be responsible for any additional costs arising from incorrect information being provided by the RO in the original application.

The RO will only be permitted to submit one claim per RC per year to recover DSA retrospectively by 31 October each year. Details of actual costs incurred for each student should be shown separately. Claims should be submitted via the grant maintenance side of Je-S.

Payment of DSA

After a claim for disabled student allowance is received by the UK Research and Innovation grants team, it will be authorised by the RC. The grants team will advise the university what level of funding is to be met by the RC from the training grant.

An additional funding stream will be created on the grant on which the student is supported and the RC will make payment to the university as part of the normal pay run process in the next available pay run.

At the time of reconciliation of the grant, the university will be required to submit details of the DSA costs incurred for each student in the final expenditure statement. The RCs reserve the right to request invoices/receipts if necessary. Failure to submit the relevant receipts may result in the DSA claim being disallowed and all DSA payments for the student will be recovered by the RC.


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