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AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP)

The AFTP provides high-level training, informed by the latest academic research, to employees working in the agri-food industries. Through courses focused on professionals, the AFTP offers flexible training opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD).

In May 2011, BBSRC awarded funding of £13 million for three major new training programmes, ATPs, for industry specialists working in vital niche areas within the agri-food sector. The ATPs were developed in response to domestic and global pressures on food production systems, recognising that investment in high-level skills training will support the UK agri-food sector to respond resiliently to food security challenges. Funded from 2011 to 2016 the ATPs covered the full range of food production from farm to fork.

To continue meeting the advanced skills needs of the agri-food industry, BBSRC delivered additional funding of £1.5 million to support the union of the ATPs to form a single enhanced AFTP. The AFTP covers the full agri-food chain and helps realise opportunities for new knowledge and technology to transform the agri-food industry.

For further information, see: AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP).


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