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Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI)

The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) FACCE-JPI promotes the integration and alignment of national research resources in Europe under a common research strategy, to address the diverse challenges in agriculture, food security and climate change. FACCE-JPIs work will contribute to building a more resilient food system in the light of expected and unexpected changes and challenges ahead.

What is FACCE-JPI?

FACCE-JPI was launched in 2010 and brings together 24 participating countries (European and global) that are committed to strengthening the integrated European Research Area while addressing the challenges of sustainable agriculture, food & nutrition security, and impacts of climate change.

The FACCE-JPI governance includes:

  • Governing Board (GB): consists of representatives from FACCE-JPI member and associate member states, and two observers, with UK representation from BBSRC and Defra
  • Preparatory Working Group of the GB (Prep WG): supports the GB Chairs and Vice-Chairs in their work; chaired by the BBSRC GB representative
  • Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): consists of high level experts providing scientific recommendations for strategic documents and FACCE-JPI actions to the GB
  • Stakeholder Advisory Board (StAB): consists of European or international organisations/initiatives (civil society organisation, farming organisations, industry, etc.) providing a stakeholder’s view on strategic documents and FACCE-JPI actions to the GB
  • Secretariat: consists of 4 international partners to provide support to FACCE-JPI: INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, France - coordination) UKRI-BBSRC (management of advisory boards and strategic input), WUR (Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands - communications), and Project Management Jülich (Germany – Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation)

Activities & Outputs of FACCE-JPI

FACCE-JPI’s work is based on its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which describes the programme’s vision, mission and core areas of interest. The four core themes are:

  1. An agricultural sector that contributes to climate neutrality
  2. Sustainable & resilient agriculture
  3. Nutrition-sensitive agricultural production for food production
  4. Trade-off and synergies between food production, eco systems and climate

Based on those, FACCE-JPI has instigated several actions – knowledge networks, knowledge hubs, workshops, joint calls – which are described in the FACCE-JPI Implementation Plan (IP). Both documents are updated regularly. FACCE-JPI has so far funded over 100 projects worth a total of €180 million, involving roughly 850 project partners. Their work resulted in 600 publications of high scientific quality and provided opportunities for a new generation for scientists by training over 300 PhD students.

Together with DEFRA, UKRI-BBSRC is bringing UK-wide input into FACCE-JPI; from a research, funding and policy perspective. This includes for example engaging with the Global Food Security Programme (GFS) which ensures a direct link to all relevant funders and policy makers in the UK. The UK’s aim is to ensure the best opportunities for its research community and that research outcomes inform national and global policy. Therefore, UKRI-BBSRC has always been and continues to be involved in various FACCE-JPI activities. Amongst those are for example the MACSUR/MACSUR SciPol Hub, a European network of climate change and agricultural modellers, the ERA-NET+ call on Climate Smart Agriculture, a funding programme for EU-wide research collaborations, the knowledge network on sustainable intensification (KNSI), or a workshop on urban agriculture.

UKRI-BBSRC offers an exciting opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher (or equivalent) in agricultural/climate change modelling

The UK, represented by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)-BBSRC and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), supports the work of the FACCE-JPI MACSUR Science-Policy Knowledge Hub (MACSUR SciPol), which continues the work of the FACCE-JPI Knowledge Hub MACSUR.

MACSUR SciPol will build on the expertise acquired through the MACSUR transnational network to address issues and specific national policy questions on climate change adaptation, mitigation and impacts. An 18-month pilot phase, led by a Core Group consisting of eight partner countries, will start in April 2021.

To represent the UK in the Core Group of MACSUR SciPol pilot phase, UKRI-BBSRC is looking for an early-career researcher (postdoctoral research assistant or equivalent), supported by their supervisor for a maximum of 19 months starting from 1 March 2021, finishing 30 September 2022.

The Core Group Member is expected to link the UK community to the Core Group and European community by attending and contributing to meetings and other activities in order to achieve the objectives set out in the MACSUR SciPol pilot project.

UKRI-BBSRC will support personnel costs for the early-career researcher and also provide a dedicated travel and subsistence budget.

The application deadline is midnight (GMT) on 7 January 2021. Applications have now closed and interviews will be held week commencing 25 January 2021.

For further details refer to the full description of the role or contact Anja Berndt: