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Bioscience research supports UK equipment manufacturers

Bioscience research supports UK equipment manufacturers. Image: TTP Labtech Ltd

Partnerships between UK researchers and equipment makers aid the UK’s scientific instrumentation manufacturing sector and enable academics to address novel research questions.

Data breakout

£7.5Bn Value of UK science instrument sector in 2007
£29.6M Value of 221 grants under BBSRC Research Equipment Initiative
500 Number of Mosquito units sold

UK company TTP Labtech developed the unique Mosquito protein crystallisation robot which has been sold in the UK, Europe, USA, Japan, China, India and elsewhere. The robot was designed with input from BBSRC-funded researchers at the York Structural Biology Laboratory, University of York.

Researchers at The University of Warwick designed a sample cell and instrumentation for a technique called linear dichroism spectroscopy, which was built by Jasco UK Ltd and Crystal Precision Optics in Rugby, UK. The cells have been made available commercially by the researcher’s company, Dioptica Scientific Ltd.

Instrument manufacturers Molecular Device Ltd have developed their commercial software based on the requirements of Cardiff University researchers supported by BBSRC. The researchers continue to provide input on the latest automated microscopy technology designed by the company, helping them make decisions on product direction.

Read the full impact evidence report:

Bioscience research supports UK equipment manufacturers (PDF 426KB)

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