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Beneforte broccoli was launched in the UK 4 October. Image: IFR

Beneforté 'super broccoli' represents a special achievement for UK bioscience – a consumer-focused, nutritionally-enhanced product.

Data breakout

27 years Time from first plant collection to supermarket shelf
Funding £28M for JIC and £13M for IFR in 2010
2-300% Increase in beneficial compound glucoraphanin

The broccoli is two-to-three times higher in compounds that animal model systems have shown can lead to lower rates of heart disease, act against some forms of cancer, and boost the body's levels of antioxidant enzymes, which can protect DNA from damage and is thought to be a useful component of healthy ageing.

Developed over more than two decades using conventional breeding techniques, Beneforté broccoli, is born from research on the fundamental biology of plants and the link between human nutrition and health at the John Innes Centre and the Institute of Food Research, respectively, and brought to market with Plant Bioscience Limited (PBL), a company formed in 1994 to develop innovative research into patented and licensable technologies.


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