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Open Microscopy Environment – Innovator 2011 winner

Image and data management tools are more important than ever.

Share and share alike – that’s the ethos of the Open Microscopy Environment (OME) that is catalysing discovery for scientists who use images as part of their work.

Data breakout

2011 BBSRC Innovator of the Year Overall Winner
100 Number of file types supported by Bio-Formats
23,000 Websites OME software has been installed on

From identifying biological structures in cells to examining animal behaviour, high-resolution imaging is ubiquitous in life sciences research. But the variation in file size and format has created an explosion in the quantity and quality of data. In the information age, such problems need solutions.

Founded by Jason Swedlow (University of Dundee) in 2000 with fellow cell biologist Peter Sorger (then at MIT, now at Harvard), the OME is an open source, community-led consortium that is now a leading provider of software solutions for biological image management.

Thousands of labs worldwide now use OME’s programs for data access and management providing a collective foundation for data mining, collaboration, and discovery.