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ONI Ltd – bringing powerful microscopy to the biology lab

Researchers from University of Oxford have developed and commercialised the world’s first desktop-sized super-resolution microscope, which allows researchers to study individual molecules within living cells. It can be operated on a desk by a life scientist, unlike other super-resolution microscopes which require dedicated rooms, specialist infrastructure, and operation by imaging experts.

Data breakout

2016 Year ONI founded
£1.2M Seed funding invested in ONI
14 People employed by ONI in Oxford
£120k Award from Joint Synthetic Biology Initiative to develop prototype microscope

Spin-out company ONI (Oxford Nanoimaging), formed in May 2016 to market the microscopes, received £1.2 million in seed funding. It currently employs 14 people, and this is expected to rise to 30 by the end of 2017.

A Joint Synthetic Biology Initiative grant, part-funded by BBSRC, helped the researchers create the first prototype of their microscope. The life science research which led them to develop the microscope was also funded in part through BBSRC responsive mode grants.

Read the full impact evidence report:

ONI Ltd – bringing powerful microscopy to the biology lab (PDF 483KB)

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