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Impact Writing Competition 2019: The Ageing Clock at the Babraham Institute

In 2019, BBSRC launched its first Impact Writing Competition, providing an opportunity for PhD students and early-career researchers to put their writing skills to the test, and encouraging them think about the impacts of bioscience research. Entrants were invited to write a case study for a policy audience, showcasing the social or economic impacts of BBSRC activities and investments. The entries were assessed by a panel of experts in science writing, who considered their success in demonstrating the impacts of BBSRC investments in an engaging way.

The following case study, written by Elizabeth Hampson, was selected as runner-up of the Impact Writing Competition 2019.

Eternal life and the quest for immortality have been of interest to humans for centuries; we want to live healthier and for longer and have a vested interest in how and why we age. 200 years ago the average human would not make it to their 40th birthday, but now we can expect to reach our mid-80s. Research at the Babraham Institute, funded by the BBSRC, focuses on healthy ageing and exciting work on epigenetics from Wolf Reik’s group has the potential to revolutionise how scientists study ageing.

Read the full case study: