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Diagnostic kits to improve pet and farm animal welfare

Diagnostic kits to improve pet and farm animal welfare. ReactivLab/Avacta

Spinout company ReactivLab provides diagnostic kits that can help to build a fuller picture of an animal's health. It was founded in 2007 following BBSRC-funded research by Professor David Eckersall from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Glasgow.

Data breakout

£5M Amount ReactivLab was acquired for by Avacta Group
$2Bn Annual value of global veterinary diagnostic products and services
24-48 hours Time after an inflammatory stimulus that can measure an animal’s health

The company specialises in the diagnosis and prediction of animal illnesses based on the analysis of biological markers, called acute phase proteins (APPs), present in animal blood. Eckersall's work has shown the benefits of measuring APPs in a variety of conditions, including bovine mastitis and pneumonia, feline infectious peritonitis and canine leukaemia. The technique could benefit pet owners, veterinary surgeons, farmers and scientists.

APP tests have been used as a diagnostic tool in human medicine for some time. Now, they are also proving to be an ideal addition to the care of a variety of domestic and farm animals for general health checks, tracking recovery or response to treatment, and in the identification of inflammatory responses.

"Over the past few years we've taken original discovery of the acute phase proteins in domestic animals and developed assay methods that have allowed the health status and wellbeing of animals to be measured objectively," says Professor Eckersall. "Most recently, the innovations made in our research laboratory have been turned into commercial diagnostic kits enabling a global impact to be achieved from our basic research."

Read the full impact evidence report:

Diagnostic kits to improve pet and farm animal welfare (PDF 189KB)

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