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Academic-industrial partnership leads to potential new cancer therapy

Research led by Professor Tracy Robson and her team whilst at Queen’s University Belfast, and supported by both BBSRC and a collaboration with bippharmaceutical company Almac Discovery Ltd has led to the creation of a novel therapeutic peptide that is currently undergoing clinical trials in solid tumours.

Data breakout

£457k Initial investment from BBSRC into the research
2015 Year the new drug entered Phase I/II clinical trials

BBSRC investment enabled the researchers to explore the fundamental biology of the peptide, called FKBPL. The research contributed to our understanding of the role of FKBPL in angiogenesis - the growth of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels.

In parallel with the BBSRC research, a collaboration with Almac Discovery led to Almac identifying, generating and producing therapeutic peptides based on the active anti-angiogenic region of FKBPL. One of these entered clinical trials in 2015.

Read the full impact evidence report: