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Award Type: Research Grants
Award Status: Current; Completed
Initiative: Insect Pollinators Initiative (IPI) [2010]
Total No Of Results: 31
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Investigator/ Supervisor
InstitutionValue £StatusType
BB/I000720/2 Professor Seirian SumnerUniversity of Bristol 57,919 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000097/2 Professor Juliet OsborneUniversity of Exeter 224,418 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000097/1 Professor Juliet OsborneRothamsted Research 353,373 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000100/1 Dr Robert PaxtonQueen's University of Belfast 574,479 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000119/1 Dr Nigel BoatmanFera Science Limited 217,698 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000143/1 Professor Geraldine WrightNewcastle University 294,060 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000178/1 Professor Nigel RaineRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 376,250 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000208/1 Professor Simon PottsUniversity of Reading 42,432 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000216/1 Professor Simon PottsUniversity of Reading 376,193 CompletedResearch Grant
BB/I000259/1 Professor Neil MillarUniversity College London 122,737 CompletedResearch Grant

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