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Creating an effective and non toxic blood substitute

Principal Investigator / Supervisor Professor Christopher Cooper
Co-Investigators /
Dr Brandon Reeder
Institution University of Essex
DepartmentBiological Sciences
Funding typeResearch
Value (£) 635,140
TypeResearch Grant
Start date 31/12/2013
End date 30/09/2016
Duration33 months




Blood transfusion is a life saving technology. However red blood cells: have a limited shelf life; need blood group typing; cannot be used in immune compromised individuals; are not available at the scenes of accidents, battlefields or major emergencies; and are susceptible to viral contamination. Blood transfusion is big business. In the UK alone two million units of blood are transfused annually at a cost of > £200 million. The addressable future global market value is $10Bn. A number of companies have attempted to develop alternatives to transfusions based on modifications of the red cell oxygen transport protein hemoglobin. However, toxic side effects have been seen in clinical trials. Arising out of BBSRC funded grants, the University of Essex has engineered novel hemoglobin molecules designed to reduce cell damage. A patent is pending. The purpose of this grant is to undertake lead optimisation, product development and in vivo testing on this next generation blood substitute.
Committee Not funded via Committee
Research TopicsPharmaceuticals
Research PriorityX – Research Priority information not available
Research Initiative Follow-On Fund Super (SuperFOF) [2012-2015]
Funding SchemeX – not Funded via a specific Funding Scheme
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