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Video transcript: Commercialising science: Enterprise Fellowships

You may wish to play the video in another window to watch it side by side with the transcript below. Alternatively, you can watch the video on our YouTube channel with captions.

January 2015

Video shows Margaret Anne Craig

Margaret Anne Craig, Clyde Biosciences (funded by BBSRC)
The Enterprise Fellowship for me has been a real life changing experience both professionally and personally. It's given me the chance to unlock some potential that I didn't realise that I personally had and take on this role as CEO of the company.

Video shows scientists working in a laboratory

I think because we are stepping out of an academic lab and into a very different career it's not all about the technology, it's not about the science anymore.

Now I am out there and I am in rooms with investors who I am trying to negotiate perhaps several million pounds from, and what I present to them, the technology has to stand up and also the whole financial plan and to reassure them that they will get a return on their money. So I think the basis of the training from the fellowship has given me a lot more confidence.

It's also been a great source of support and continues to remain a great source of support to me and that there is a great network of people that can help me to take this business forward.



  • The Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowships, supported by Scottish Enterprise, BBSRC, Science & Technology Facilities Council
  • Video: Rapidvisual Media