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Video transcript: Inspiring bioscience: the Great British Bioscience Festival

You may wish to play the video in another window to watch it side by side with the transcript below. Alternatively, you can watch the video on our YouTube channel with captions.

December 2014

Video shows people arriving at the marquee in Bethnal Green, the location of the Great British Bioscience Festival, and how it looks inside with all the exhibits setup

Dr Patrick Middleton, Head of Engagement, BBSRC
BBSRC is hosting this festival in our 20th year, since we were formed in 1994. It's an excellent opportunity for us to get out there and really showcase some cutting-edge science to a general public audience.

Video shows members of the public engaging with scientists and their exhibits

Young child
That's my bone!

That could be your bone!

Wow! That was exciting!

So the cellulose is a problem because humans can't digest cellulose, but you know you can eat a banana, right?

So by using static electricity, bees get much more pollen than they would otherwise. Who would like to try?

Professor Jackie Hunter, Chief Executive, BBSRC
It's absolutely amazing! The kids and the people who are visiting are having a great time, it is brilliant. And I think it does reflect and speak to the strength of the BBSRC-funded researchers in this country.

Video shows children testing how high/far they can jump in one of the exhibits

You ok? Woops-a-daisy! Are you ok?

Young child

Patrick Middleton
It is really important for BBSRC, as a publicly funded body, to get out and talk about the science which we are doing. And who better to do that talking than the scientists themselves? And also so they have a chance to interact and listen to what the public think about their research.

Video shows members of the public engaging with scientists and their exhibits

Member of staff
Have you had fun today here?


Jackie Hunter
It's so important that we inspire children. We need as many of our brightest and best children to really engage and become involved and see the potential for bioscience.

Dale Ballard, Anniversary Schools Coordinator, BBSRC
Also the exhibits here offer an opportunity to try some real life hands on science. You get the opportunity to do it yourselves. Again, ask the scientists to help you and they will, and I promise only two of them bite!

Sounds from one of the interactive exhibits
Warning! Warning! Colon gas production imminent! [farts] [laughter]

Young adult
I love a good science festival. I like it, it's been great here.

Young child
We like the science festival.

Young adult
Yes, I did enjoy parts of science learning about different parts of science as well as the stuff we learn in school.

Member of the public
Its about discovery, it's a wonderful thing. And it's about nurturing…

You're welcome have a nice day…

Young child
I wanna go on this again…please!



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