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Strategic Plan: Monitoring progress, measuring success

We will monitor performance and progress with this Strategic Plan through our existing Performance Management System.

We will use our Delivery Plan to set out detailed objectives and spending plans. Progress will be reported in our annual report and accounts and Impact Report.


To ensure delivery of our Strategic Plan we will:

  • Keep funding mechanisms under review to provide the flexibility to respond quickly to scientific developments and ensure appropriate balance between responsive mode, directed funding, longer-larger programmes, shorter project awards and the different types of knowledge exchange and training awards
  • Ensure our decision-making structures (Boards, Strategy Advisory Panels and Research Committees) and peer review mechanisms are fit to support modern bioscience and responsive to users' needs
  • Implement and maintain a comprehensive skills strategy, including recognising and addressing niche skill needs
  • Through partnerships (including international programmes) and strategic investment, ensure that UK researchers have access to the modern facilities and infrastructure necessary to stay internationally competitive at the cutting edge of bioscience
  • Work with the UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) to provide the administrative structures, HR policies, resources and IT support required to facilitate effective and efficient delivery of BBSRC's objectives

Measuring success

Successful implementation of this Strategic Plan will be measured primarily by monitoring progress against the key priorities that it identifies. However, BBSRC must also be able to demonstrate, at a more strategic level, that delivery has benefited society.

This Strategic Plan will have been successful if:

  • BBSRC's research portfolio develops such that a significant proportion of the programme is devoted to the science underpinning or directly addressing our three key strategic research priorities
  • The UK bioscience research community has appropriate critical mass and access to sustainably-supported facilities, data sets and laboratory infrastructure
  • All of the institutes strategically-funded by BBSRC are in a position of financial sustainability, are strategically aligned with BBSRC's vision for biosciences, and can demonstrate the impact of their research
  • The UK bioscience research base supported by BBSRC continues to be world-leading in the production of high quality published outputs
  • BBSRC can point to recent examples demonstrating the effective transfer of knowledge from its research to a wide range of users that will benefit society either directly or indirectly, including via the economic competitiveness of UK industry
  • Areas of skills shortages in bioscience, which have been identified as strategically important for the UK, have been addressed in partnership with the user organisations needing those skills
  • The public is constructively engaged in BBSRC's business, as demonstrated in part by the mechanisms in place for taking public views into account