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Synthetic biology highlight grant awards

Copyright: iStock/Meletios Verras

BBSRC can announce the grant holders for the Follow-on Fund (FoF) Synthetic Biology Highlight, with the aim of supporting the translation of the UK’s world-leading synthetic biology research into practical application.

The grant holders are:

Professor Rebecca Goss

University of St Andrews

Molecular X-Factor & SynBioFilms

Biofilm Catalysts

Professor Nigel Minton

University of Nottingham

ABSCICS: Applied Bacterial Spore Control in Industrial and Clinical Settings

Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC)


Professor Paul Freemont

Imperial College London

Commercial opportunities for an automated extracellular vesicle biofoundry


Professor Susan Rosser

University of Edinburgh

A Novel Single Subunit RNA Polymerases for Commercial RNA Manufacturing

UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology & Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology


Professor Glenn Burley

University of Strathclyde

Next-generation bio-orthogonal reaction platform for RNA tagging and imaging

Synthetic Biology-Based proposal Previous funding: Tools and Resources Development Fund (TRDF)


Professor Gregory Challis

University of Warwick             

GEN2NCE - a synthetic biology platform for natural product discovery

Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre

The funding will support FoF grants to accelerate commercialisation and translation of research in the field of synthetic biology.

About Follow-on Funding (FoF)

This supports the translation of research into practical application, including commercialisation. The aim of the programme is to help researchers maximise the societal and economic benefits of their research. The FoF is a proof-of-concept programme to support bioscience innovation and provide funding where further work on an idea will take it through to a stage at which the route to application is clear, which may include a spin-out, licensing opportunity or the creation of a social enterprise. The programme enables researchers to conduct activities essential to preparing a robust business plan and to secure, where appropriate, further funding and support to progress the innovation.

The FoF aims to bridge the funding gap between BBSRC-funded research and the point at which other non-BBSRC funding becomes available. By supporting early-stage projects, it also seeks to reduce the risk for future investors.

About synthetic biology:

Synthetic biology can be described as the design and construction of novel biologically based parts, devices and systems, as well as redesigning existing biological systems for useful purposes. It incorporates the principles of engineering (for example modularity, abstraction and orthogonality) into classical biotechnology, and has a number of potential applications within the bio-based knowledge economy. These include, but are not limited to: industrial biotechnology, bioenergy, bioprocessing, novel materials and biosensors.

View details of the call.

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