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Testing England Cricketers: performance and vision

Copyright: BBSRC

BBSRC-funded scientists at the University of Bradford have been working with elite athletes including the England Women’s Cricket team to study how vision may contribute to excellence in sport.


The researchers, working with colleagues at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of St Andrews, want to know if superior vision gives top athletes an edge, possibly because great eyesight can give them more time to react.

But it’s not just about top level sport. By understanding how vision and skills can be developed could help create new ways to deal with injuries or disease.

Lead scientist Professor Brendan Barrett said: “It’s not as to whether vision is important, vision is clearly important, the question is whether at the very top end of vision, the very superior end of vision is actually conferring an advantage and that advantage pre-disposes people to eliteness in sport.

“The possible implications and our motivation for doing this project wasn’t just about sport. In disease for example, in trauma, there’s loss of skill and so using elite sport as an example of how skills might be developed gives us a way perhaps of dealing with the aftermath of trauma or the consequences of disease.”


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