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News from 2017


New insights into how our bodies maintain a beneficial relationship with our gut microbes news

Fungi found essential to the air we breathe news

Major award recognises UK and global impact of wheat scientist press release

Bacteria development marks new era in cellular design news

The human brain can 'see' what is around the corner press release

Managing the microbes - the key to solving the global nitrogen crisis news

Gene experts set to tackle pest control news

BBSRC's Innovator of the Year 2018 competition accepting applications press release


£12.5 million investment creates a National Biofilms Innovation Centre for both business and research press release

Quest for new medicines could be helped by cell discovery press release

Marek's disease vaccine research funded at Pirbright press release

Epigenetics helps keep the immune system running press release

Twisted sex allows mirror-image snails to mate face-to-face, research finds press release

Position and function of goat antibody genes identified at Pirbright press release

Crunch time for food security press release

BBSRC National Vaccinology Centre at Pirbright scoops top design award news

Distinguished role model for women in science receives global award news

Queen's researchers make killer superbug breakthrough press release

Scientists discover new mechanisms bacteria use to guard themselves from antibiotics press release

Final pieces of the wheat genome puzzle identified press release

New fundamental biology may aid cancer treatments press release

Recruitment to the BBSRC Council of UK Research and Innovation news

The advent of 'green' cattle news


B-movies, bats, and beetle larvae: The UK's creepiest creepy-crawlies feature

Award winning Scottish research could pave the way for 'low-emission cows' news

Technology becomes the blight of the Irish Potato Famine pathogen press release

Harvest 2050 video 

New insight into foot-and-mouth disease virus could lead to improved vaccines news

Will I ever live forever? feature

Research advancing food production across the farm to fork supply chain press release

Network science unravels the secrets of the evolution of Salmonella's disease adaptations video 

BBSRC projects shortlisted for prestigious Newton Prize BBSRC press release

From Loki to lipids: Using modern biology to discover Viking culture feature

BBSRC website disruptions news

BBSRC Chief Executive shares latest bioscience advancements at the Sixth Annual Biology Week Parliamentary Reception BBSRC press release

Gotcha: the gene that takes the fun out of fungus press release

Healing molecule discovery could reduce limb amputations for diabetes patients press release

An engineering approach to the study of the brain feature

Condoms and coffee: New fingerprint testing to be used in criminal cases press release

New method for understanding neurodegenerative diseases press release

Fungal sex, holy water, and chest infections - oh my feature

The Roslin Institute and John Innes Centre receive Athena SWAN Gold award news

£4.9 million to further increase resilience and sustainability of the UK food system press release

BBSRC website disruptions news


Science Minister announces non-executive Board members of UK Research and Innovation news

Driving out blight with dual control press release

Sheep gene insights could help farmers breed healthier animals press release

Lab-grown bone cell breakthrough heralds new benefits for orthopaedics press release

Visualising data connections promises faster discoveries press release 

UK collaboration could see stocks of farmed Scottish salmon increase press release

Older wombs cause complications in pregnant mice press release


Invitation to comment - strategy for UK biotechnology and biological sciences news

FarmerZone in the making: DBT's Smart Agriculture Conclave in partnership with the UK BBSRC press release

Leading scientists call for unified approach to plant and animal breeding press release

'Seeing' robot learns tricky technique for studying brain cells in mammals press release

Smart Agriculture Conclave: Organised by Department of Biotechnology and RCUK India news

Prizes for interdisciplinary team science news

Banana crop study seeks to address global challenges BBSRC press release

Plant-produced polio vaccines could help eradicate age old disease press release

Study reveals why bumblebees are unable to form new colonies putting populations at risk news

New study highlights how processing affects fat absorption from plant-based foods press release

UK's bioscience base receives £16.6 million Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund investment BBSRC press release

GM plants promise fish oils aplenty press release


Policy briefs: Spring/summer 2017 feature

Zebrafish study reveals clues to healing spinal cord injuries press release

Launch of the Agriculture and Food Security Strategic Framework BBSRC press release

New vaccine design shows promise in protecting against African Horse Sickness Virus press release

International research joins forces to meet needs of countries facing global issues BBSRC press release

UK Research and Innovation launches interim website news

Growing better trees faster press release

BBSRC annual report and accounts published news

Cannibal cells may limit cancer growth press release

Addressing global challenges receives boost with new projects in agriculture and food systems sustainability BBSRC press release

New flexible training opportunities for agri-food professionals from the AgriFood Training Partnership press release

Professor Sir Mark Walport outlines the vision for UK Research and Innovation news

Call for Bioscience Skills and Careers Postdoctoral Researcher Subgroup members news

New study links antibiotic resistance to common household disinfectant triclosan press release


BBSRC website disruptions news

Robots reinvent the wheel by turning waste material into fuel press release

Diamond's infrared beamline steps up to living cells research press release

BBSRC welcomes new Director of the Research Complex at Harwell news

Call for BBSRC Pool of Experts, Strategy Panels and Committees news

BBSRC supported scientists acknowledged in Queen's Birthday Honours list 2017 news

Unlock molecular secrets with mobile game BioBlox2D press release

Named Innovator of the Year seeks to prevent vision loss worldwide news

Insights from pig embryos shed light into early human development press release

Use of preprints in BBSRC-funded research news


The 2017 BBSRC Innovator of the Year finalists revealed news

UK's bioeconomy benefits from £319 million BBSRC investment BBSRC press release

BBSRC website disruptions news

£10 million deal to boost impact of animal science innovations press release


Future of regenerative medicine looks bright with new funding boost press release

HRH The Princess Royal officially opens the BBSRC National Vaccinology Centre at The Pirbright Institute in Surrey press release

£3.4Bn impact investment proves the UK is a global leader in research and innovation news

Immune study in chickens reveals key hurdle for Campylobacter vaccine effort press release

BBSRC welcomes extension of Chief Executive Professor Melanie Welham BBSRC press release

Scientists say they are a step closer to solving chronic bladder diseases press release

Flower-rich habitats increase survival of bumblebee families press release

BBSRC fund Enterprise Fellowships boost new business developments from research investments news

£1.5M investment supports postgraduate training in agri-food sector BBSRC press release

Detect. Lock on. Intercept. The remarkable hunting ability of the robber fly press release

New 3D spheres replicate human cells to better study infection press release

University of Glasgow forms strategic partnership with BBSRC press release

Quadram Institute reaches major construction landmark press release

Ageing can be good for you (if you're a yeast) press release


John Innes Centre scientists remove reliance on seasonality in new lines of broccoli – potentially doubling crop production press release

Egg-free surrogate chickens produced in bid to save rare breeds press release

Queen's researchers make breakthrough in fight against superbug: klebsiella pneumonia press release

New antibiotic from bacteria found on an ant could beat MRSA press release

Professor Eleanor Riley appointed to lead The Roslin Institute press release

How to be a successful pest: lessons from the green peach aphid press release

Priming Food Partnerships: Addressing challenges faced by the UK's food and drink industry BBSRC press release

BBSRC website disruptions news

Turning off the protein tap – a new clue to neurodegenerative disease press release

Researchers identify protein essential for healthy gut cell development press release

Professor Sir Mark Walport named as first chief executive of UK Research and Innovation BBSRC press release

Rothamsted Research granted permission by Defra to carry out field trial with GM wheat plants press release


Policy briefs: Winter 2017 feature

Paracetamol study could open door for way to treat liver damage press release

Understanding the challenge of resistance in agriculture news

Microbes carve out a niche for themselves press release

Finding new cancer drugs in the neighbourhood press release

Researchers reveal molecules responsible for ageing in immunity cells press release

UK plant science goes from strength to strength BBSRC press release

Study identifies brain's connections in keeping related memories distinct from each other press release

Research reveals surprising health benefits of chewing your food press release

Scientists uncover hidden wheat treasures press release

Announcing BBSRC BRAVO: optimising the performance of Brassica crops BBSRC press release

Global Food Security programme unveils environmental 'tipping points' at Parliament event press release

New research sheds light on why older mothers are more likely to face birth complications press release

High-sugar diet programmes a short lifespan in flies press release

Scientists develop new antibiotic for gonorrhoea press release

Double fish production while preserving biodiversity – can it be done? press release

UK researchers to lead UK-China-Thailand-Philippines-Vietnam partnership of crucial research to underpin the long-term sustainable future of rice BBSRC press release

Complete animal genomes become easier to map thanks to revolutionary new method press release

Secrets of photosynthesis light the way press release

New Year's Honours 2017 BBSRC press release