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Food security news from 2015


£10M UK-India Virtual Joint Centres in Agricultural Nitrogen news

£14M funding for major long-term science studies BBSRC press release

Scientists create first map of the wheat epigenome press release

New smartphone app to help UK farmers protect crops news

Biodiversity bounces back press release

Biomass crops can enhance landscape biodiversity press release


Red clover genome to help restore sustainable farming press release

Future wheat cultivation will be limited by adverse weather in Europe press release

How to save British wildlife: use your loaf news

First study showing pesticide exposure can affect crop pollination by bees BBSRC press release 

Could plants help to save our seas? video 

National Capability launched as a LEAF Innovation Centre press release

TGAC announces an important milestone in wheat research press release

Rothamsted Research and the Value of Excellence news


International Wheat Yield Partnership awards funding for eight projects news

Agrimetrics: the first Centre for Agricultural Innovation opens press release

Lobsters, scallops and whisky among £17.8M Agri-Tech projects press release

Early-career researcher competition to produce GFS report on sustainable nutrition news


Promiscuity of H3N8 flu virus raises concern as scientists demonstrate some strains can go undetected in pigs press release

Plant discovery could help develop stress-resistant crops press release

First GFS Food System Resilience call opens news


How plant sensors detect pathogens press release

Accelerating forage breeding to boost livestock productivity press release

TGAC leads scheme to reduce threat to Vietnam's most important crop press release

Progress toward the perfect pea press release


£4.7M for science to benefit British farming BBSRC press release

High containment: inside the world of virus research feature 

World's first Field Scanalyzer at Rothamsted Research press release

The first GM oilseed crop to produce omega-3 fish oils in the field press release


GM wheat did not repel aphid pests in the field press release

New research projects announced to support sustainable aquaculture news

Britain needs 'super-sub bees' to maintain food supply press release

Transatlantic science connection for better beer press release

£4M to fund important food crops from BBSRC and NERC news


Global Food Security (GFS) develops new funding programme news


Over £6M funding awarded to protect British livestock BBSRC press release

£16M boost for agricultural innovators press release

'Superfeed' lupin will provide soya-grade protein from UK farms press release

£12M for first national Centre for Agricultural Innovation news

How do we choose the food we eat? feature 

Scientists transfer pathogen-sensing 'antenna' gene to wheat news

Novel online bioinformatics tool significantly reduces time of multiple genome analysis press release

New study reveals widespread risk of infectious diseases to wild bees press release

Global surveillance leaves 'cereal killers' nowhere to hide press release


New genomics-driven surveillance to track crop diseases press release

BBSRC and USDA-NIFA partner for animal disease prevention research press release

Study shows urban habitats provide haven for UK bees BBSRC press release

New tools to breed cereal crops that survive flooding press release

Scientists find potential way of controlling leaf blotch disease in wheat press release


Oil from GM plants can substitute fish oil in fish feeds press release

New world-class scientific collaboration to combat devastating crop rusts press release

Smart farming technique to boost yields and cut fertiliser pollution press release

Rothamsted Research appoints Head of Site at North Wyke press release

The International Wheat Yield Partnership appoints Program Director press release

PHI-base – a database to protect crop yields and human health press release