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News from 2018 tagged as press release


UK-wide consortium to combat serious threat to plant health press release

Launch of first UK led experiment to the International Space Station BBSRC press release


£5.1 million UKRI funding for UK aquaculture research and innovation BBSRC press release

Space-inspired speed breeding for crop improvement press release 

Building a low carbon future: £11m to fund Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Networks announced BBSRC press release

World Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease celebrates 60th anniversary press release

Earlham Institute branches out to Darwin Tree of Life press release


Babraham Institute achieves new Silver Athena SWAN award press release

Call for new green innovations to tackle climate change press release

Transforming coffee waste into electricity BBSRC press release 

'Artificial embryos' may reduce the need for animals in research press release

BBSRC's Executive Chair shares bioscience advances at Royal Society of Biology's seventh parliamentary reception BBSRC press release


£7m multilateral programme to tackle swine and poultry disease press release

Ebola and Lassa fever targeted by new vaccine trial and improved surveillance press release

Worms in space: The Molecular Muscle Experiment BBSRC press release 


Sustainable Agriculture for Sub-Saharan Africa (SASSA) BBSRC press release

Genomics holds the key to unravelling history of life press release

Previously grainy wheat genome comes into focus press release

Seeding a new green revolution press release

£90 million to help feed the 9 billion BBSRC press release

Milk from bulk storage tanks could be used for foot-and-mouth disease testing press release

Rural poverty in eastern Africa could be reduced with foot-and-mouth disease vaccination strategy press release

UK researchers create sustainable feed solution for farmed salmon press release


£15 million joint investment between UK and India takes aim at global challenges BBSRC press release

Burns' works authenticated by new, minimally destructive scientific technique press release

Together for Impact: Sam Gyimah on his first ministerial visit to India commends UKRI-India research and innovation partnership press release 

Gene study pinpoints superbug link between people and animals press release

A novel switch to control genome editing press release


Infection mechanisms of ash dieback unravelled BBSRC press release

UK agriculture benefits from nearly £2 million support towards sustainability improvement BBSRC press release


Department of Health signs MOU with Argentina that will lead to £5 million support via UKRI to tackle AMR in agriculture and impact on the environment press release

Radio 4's Today programme to feature researchers from BBSRC strategically-funded Institute IBERS BBSRC press release

Innovator of the Year 2018 BBSRC press release

£40 million to create a new interface between bioscience and medicine BBSRC press release

UK-Brazil research partnerships to tackle anti-microbial and insect pest resistance in Brazilian agriculture BBSRC press release


Six projects awarded funding to help make agriculture sustainable in Colombia BBSRC press release

The 2018 BBSRC Innovator of the Year finalists revealed BBSRC press release

Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme press release

Healthy soil lifts animal weight press release

Wheat research discovery could shape future crops press release

Newton funding for agri-tech innovation with benefits for UK and China press release


Single vaccine developed for avian flu and duck enteritis press release

Bee survival computer model adopted by industry BBSRC press release

Professor Melanie Welham selected for the role of Executive Chair of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council BBSRC press release

Placenta defects proven to be a factor in prenatal deaths press release


NIAB EMR-China research unlocks strawberry disease resistance press release

Sweet route to greater yields press release


Scientists zoom in to watch DNA code being read BBSRC press release