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News from 2015 tagged as press release


Rapid 'dipstick' test tackles fatal sleeping sickness BBSRC press release 

YES celebrates two decades by crowning winning scientists BBSRC press release

£14M funding for major long-term science studies BBSRC press release

Scientists create first map of the wheat epigenome press release

£4.4M grant to develop a yeast alternative to palm oil press release

TGAC appoints new Director press release

New research explores high-value applications for rapeseed oil press release

Biodiversity bounces back press release

How bacterial predators kill other bacteria without harming themselves BBSRC press release

Biomass crops can enhance landscape biodiversity press release


Red clover genome to help restore sustainable farming press release

John Innes Centre scientists use CRISPR technology to edit crop genes press release

Future wheat cultivation will be limited by adverse weather in Europe press release

First study showing pesticide exposure can affect crop pollination by bees BBSRC press release 

National Capability launched as a LEAF Innovation Centre press release

TGAC announces an important milestone in wheat research press release

Intellectual disabilities may share disease mechanisms press release

Intensive farming link to bovine TB press release

Network to foster the best in animal welfare research BBSRC press release

From starving chicks come greedy birds press release

When crows connect press release


Hot processor speeds up UK genome analysis press release

Improving the reproducibility of biomedical research press release

Agrimetrics: the first Centre for Agricultural Innovation opens press release

Lobsters, scallops and whisky among £17.8M Agri-Tech projects press release

Scientists produce beneficial natural compounds from plants in tomatoes press release

Prawns reveal the secrets of innovation press release

UK and China team up on superbug research press release

New technique offers a window into light-activated therapies press release

Stress in pregnancy can impact future generations press release

Queen or worker? Flexibility of roles relies on a few genes press release 

Survey report shows 'life' isn't a barrier to a successful research career press release

Possible new treatment for neurodegenerative diseases found press release


IBERS awarded £898k to produce green fuel faster press release

Scientists discover easy method to propagate willow press release

Seasonal body clock discovered in animals press release

Promiscuity of H3N8 flu virus raises concern as scientists demonstrate some strains can go undetected in pigs press release

Plant discovery could help develop stress-resistant crops press release

Nocturnal migrant songbirds and moths sense the wind currents and use the wind differently to assist them with their journeys press release

Swinging on 'monkey bars': motor proteins caught in the act press release 

Aberystwyth University project shortlisted for Impact Awards press release

Changing the biological data visualisation world press release

Smoother tasting ice cream in the pipeline press release

Come here and be quiet! Genes physically held in silencing 'lock-down' in embryonic stem cells press release


Methanotrophs: bacteria that could protect our environment press release

How plant sensors detect pathogens press release

The potential in your pond press release

A decade of changes to the UK health research landscape press release

Discovery of trigger for bugs' defences could lead to new antibiotics press release

New research could help build computers from DNA press release

Accelerating forage breeding to boost livestock productivity press release

Study identifies cause of disruption in brain's communication channels linked to psychiatric disorders press release

TGAC leads scheme to reduce threat to Vietnam's most important crop press release

Progress toward the perfect pea press release

Young minds think alike – and older people are more distractible press release 

Novel fly model of motor neuron degeneration provides new avenues for exploration in humans press release


BBSRC and ESRC join forces to shed light on epigenetics BBSRC press release

Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check press release

'Imperfect' vaccines could put unvaccinated individuals at greater risk of severe illness press release

£4.7M for science to benefit British farming BBSRC press release

How ants use 'combs' and 'brushes' to keep themselves clean press release 

New method to generate extended data for genome assemblies press release

Six studies funded to improve our diets and health BBSRC press release

Agricultural science is open for innovation press release

How to rule a gene galaxy press release

New study reveals improved way to interpret high-throughput biological data press release

World's first Field Scanalyzer at Rothamsted Research press release

The first GM oilseed crop to produce omega-3 fish oils in the field press release

'Selfish' bacteria link IBD and gut microbiota changes press release


Genetic discovery uncovers key tool for morphine production in poppies press release

Plant scientists and microbiologists ask: "What's important to you?" press release

Veterinary vaccinology vision to improve animal health and welfare BBSRC press release

Single-cell technologies advance the value of genomics press release

Research Councils and PraxisUnico announce Impact Awards 2015 finalists press release

GM wheat did not repel aphid pests in the field press release

Expanding the DNA alphabet: 'extra' DNA base found to be stable in mammals press release

Global alliance to bring together research on avian diseases BBSRC press release

Mould unlocks new route to biofuels press release

Britain needs 'super-sub bees' to maintain food supply press release

Transatlantic science connection for better beer press release

All change for bacterial outer membrane proteins press release


Better safe than sorry – careful crows watch their tools press release

£5M boost to superbug researchers press release


Pig-borne disease most likely jumped into humans when rearing practices changed press release

Biotechnology: £20M funding boost for UK projects press release

Over £6M funding awarded to protect British livestock BBSRC press release

Agricultural waste could be useful as biofuel press release

£16M boost for agricultural innovators press release

'Superfeed' lupin will provide soya-grade protein from UK farms press release

John Innes Centre scientist awarded Royal Microscopical Society Vice President's Medal press release

Novel online bioinformatics tool significantly reduces time of multiple genome analysis press release

New imaging technique could reveal secrets of organ development BBSRC press release 

Genetic diversity key to protecting dog health say experts press release

Human brains age less than previously thought press release 

New study reveals widespread risk of infectious diseases to wild bees press release

Pollution and climate change put pressure on wildlife press release

Step change for screening could boost biofuels press release

Global surveillance leaves 'cereal killers' nowhere to hide press release


New genomics-driven surveillance to track crop diseases press release

Bacteria 'hotwire their genes' to fix a faulty motor press release

BBSRC and USDA-NIFA partner for animal disease prevention research press release

Business Secretary announces £20M for UK industrial biotechnology press release

RCUK and PraxisUnico Impact Awards for KEC teams open to entries press release

Imperial College London invests in Babraham Research Campus facility press release

New collaborations tackle bioscience big data challenges BBSRC press release

Smokers tend to have thinner brain cortex, study suggests press release

Study shows urban habitats provide haven for UK bees BBSRC press release

Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukaemia drugs press release

New tools to breed cereal crops that survive flooding press release

Scientists find potential way of controlling leaf blotch disease in wheat press release

Kidney images reveal the secrets of how organ develops press release

Artificially-intelligent robot scientist 'Eve' could boost search for new drugs press release

Scientists discover viral 'Enigma machine' press release

Study finds first genes associated with general cognitive function press release

Scientists unlock one of Nature's best-kept secrets: How plants make natural medicines press release


Oil from GM plants can substitute fish oil in fish feeds press release

Business Secretary announces £40M for UK synthetic biology press release 

New world-class scientific collaboration to combat devastating crop rusts press release

Cutting-edge bioscience building opens to develop businesses BBSRC press release

Smart farming technique to boost yields and cut fertiliser pollution press release

Rothamsted Research appoints Head of Site at North Wyke press release

£15.8M for long-term projects tackling major scientific challenges BBSRC press release

Scientists develop new software using avatars to picture the complexity of cells press release

The International Wheat Yield Partnership appoints Program Director press release

UK Science Landscape Project for Council for Science and Technology press release

PHI-base – a database to protect crop yields and human health press release

£4M boost for hearing research press release