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News from 2016 tagged as human health


Gut cells are gatekeepers of infectious brain diseases, study finds press release


Damaged salad leaves can 'massively stimulate' Salmonella presence in bagged salads news

Researchers identify missing links that connect human DNA variation with disease press release

Fish oil supplements may improve muscle function in older women press release

Evolution of Ebola virus resulted in increased human infectivity press release


Institute of Food Research helps combat serious gut infections press release


Research on stress hormone effects on the brain reveals unexpected findings press release

New technique to beat the food fraudsters developed press release

Precision medicine breakthrough for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia press release

Dying tumour cells release intracellular ions in a last-ditch attempt to block the immune system press release

Scientists discover link between bacteria and supposedly non-infectious diseases press release


£3M awarded to address diet-related health issues BBSRC press release

New sun cream compound offers unprecedented protection against UVA radiation press release


£5M to understand the role of nutrition in health and disease news

Over £40 million pledged in new bid to tackle global challenges BBSRC press release


Rothamsted Research granted consent for field trial of GM camelina news

Research links heart disease with testosterone press release

Uninfected or asymptomatic? Diagnostic tests key to forecasting major epidemics press release


A well-connected brain is the key to healthy mental ageing BBSRC press release

First gene for grey hair found press release


'Big data' helps discover key factors driving blood cell specification press release

New investment builds on John Innes Centre invention press release 

New technique recreates gills to reduce the need for fish in experiments news

The Quadram Institute, a new £75M food and health research centre press release 

Raising a child changes immune systems more than gastroenteritis press release

Eating breakfast could help obese people get more active press release 

Global scientific community commits to sharing data on Zika press release

Impacts from European Bioinformatics Institute highlighted in independent evaluation report press release

Mitochondria shown to trigger cell ageing press release

Scientists disable infectious bacteria by removing protein press release

A study of the genetic code of bed bugs reveals that these human blood feeders are adaptive and hardy press release

Oestrogens alleviate hyperactivity in 'autistic' zebrafish press release


Seaweed solution to stem cell transport and wound treatment press release

#BuildingTheBioeconomy: Healthier milk on the high street video 

#BuildingTheBioeconomy: Speeding up drug discovery video 

Mum's in control – even before you're born press release

Breakthrough could revolutionise regenerative medicine news

Fatty acids from GM oilseed crops could replace fish oil press release

Beating food poisoning with sensitive tests press release

Benefits and drawbacks selenium supplementation for immunity press release

Hitting a cell 'sweet spot': a delivery system for therapies press release

DNA 'building blocks' pave way for improved drug delivery press release