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News from 2015 tagged as human health


Rapid 'dipstick' test tackles fatal sleeping sickness BBSRC press release 

Testing England Cricketers: performance and vision video 

How bacterial predators kill other bacteria without harming themselves BBSRC press release

New insights into genetic cause of autoimmune diseases news


Why we need to invest in our longer life video 

Could seaweed help to beat obesity? video 

Intellectual disabilities may share disease mechanisms press release


Scientists produce beneficial natural compounds from plants in tomatoes press release

Prawns reveal the secrets of innovation press release

UK and China team up on superbug research press release

New technique offers a window into light-activated therapies press release

Stress in pregnancy can impact future generations press release

Possible new treatment for neurodegenerative diseases found press release


Researchers, innovators and local authorities to realise vision for future cities news

Promiscuity of H3N8 flu virus raises concern as scientists demonstrate some strains can go undetected in pigs press release

Survey on arthropod vector biology and vector borne disease news

Genome-editing position statement news

Come here and be quiet! Genes physically held in silencing 'lock-down' in embryonic stem cells press release


BBSRC funds international disease transmission study news

A decade of changes to the UK health research landscape press release

Discovery of trigger for bugs' defences could lead to new antibiotics press release

New research could help build computers from DNA press release

Making bone in the lab feature 

Study identifies cause of disruption in brain's communication channels linked to psychiatric disorders press release

Young minds think alike – and older people are more distractible press release 

Pioneering spin-out sold for $160 million news

Novel fly model of motor neuron degeneration provides new avenues for exploration in humans press release


BBSRC and ESRC join forces to shed light on epigenetics BBSRC press release

Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check press release

'Imperfect' vaccines could put unvaccinated individuals at greater risk of severe illness press release

Six studies funded to improve our diets and health BBSRC press release

How to rule a gene galaxy press release

'Selfish' bacteria link IBD and gut microbiota changes press release


Genetic discovery uncovers key tool for morphine production in poppies press release

Expanding the DNA alphabet: 'extra' DNA base found to be stable in mammals press release

New adventures in high street milk feature


£5M boost to superbug researchers press release


How do bone cells grow in space? video 

Innovator of the Year news


A new vision for Food, Nutrition and Health research news

BBSRC vision of bioscience for health news

How do we choose the food we eat? feature 

New imaging technique could reveal secrets of organ development BBSRC press release 

Human brains age less than previously thought press release 


Smokers tend to have thinner brain cortex, study suggests press release

Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukaemia drugs press release

Artificially-intelligent robot scientist 'Eve' could boost search for new drugs press release

Scientists discover viral 'Enigma machine' press release

Study finds first genes associated with general cognitive function press release


Scientists develop new software using avatars to picture the complexity of cells press release

New Director for Institute of Food Research news

PHI-base – a database to protect crop yields and human health press release

£4M boost for hearing research press release