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News from 2015 tagged as genetics


Scientists create first map of the wheat epigenome press release

TGAC appoints new Director press release

New insights into genetic cause of autoimmune diseases news


Red clover genome to help restore sustainable farming press release

TGAC announces an important milestone in wheat research press release

Intellectual disabilities may share disease mechanisms press release


Hot processor speeds up UK genome analysis press release

New technique offers a window into light-activated therapies press release

Surface waves influence how a cell divides news

Queen or worker? Flexibility of roles relies on a few genes press release 


Yeast treasure-trove goes live news

Plant discovery could help develop stress-resistant crops press release

Plants vs Explosives video 

Genome-editing position statement news

Changing the biological data visualisation world press release

Come here and be quiet! Genes physically held in silencing 'lock-down' in embryonic stem cells press release


How plant sensors detect pathogens press release

The potential in your pond press release

New research could help build computers from DNA press release

Accelerating forage breeding to boost livestock productivity press release

TGAC leads scheme to reduce threat to Vietnam's most important crop press release

Pioneering spin-out sold for $160 million news


Study finds brain chemicals that keep wakefulness in check press release

New method to generate extended data for genome assemblies press release

How to rule a gene galaxy press release

New study reveals improved way to interpret high-throughput biological data press release


GM wheat did not repel aphid pests in the field press release

Single-cell technologies advance the value of genomics press release

Expanding the DNA alphabet: 'extra' DNA base found to be stable in mammals press release

John Innes Centre scientists help settle an epigenetic debate news


Novel online bioinformatics tool significantly reduces time of multiple genome analysis press release

New imaging technique could reveal secrets of organ development BBSRC press release 

Genetic diversity key to protecting dog health say experts press release

Pollution and climate change put pressure on wildlife press release


Bacteria 'hotwire their genes' to fix a faulty motor press release

Study finds first genes associated with general cognitive function press release


Oil from GM plants can substitute fish oil in fish feeds press release

Impacts of bioscience: 2007-2013 feature 

£15.8M for long-term projects tackling major scientific challenges BBSRC press release

The International Wheat Yield Partnership appoints Program Director press release

PHI-base – a database to protect crop yields and human health press release