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News from 2015 tagged as animal health


£14M funding for major long-term science studies BBSRC press release

How bacterial predators kill other bacteria without harming themselves BBSRC press release


Intensive farming link to bovine TB press release

Network to foster the best in animal welfare research BBSRC press release

From starving chicks come greedy birds press release


UK and China team up on superbug research press release


Seasonal body clock discovered in animals press release

Promiscuity of H3N8 flu virus raises concern as scientists demonstrate some strains can go undetected in pigs press release

Survey on arthropod vector biology and vector borne disease news


BBSRC funds international disease transmission study news

Accelerating forage breeding to boost livestock productivity press release


£4.7M for science to benefit British farming BBSRC press release

High containment: inside the world of virus research feature 


Veterinary vaccinology vision to improve animal health and welfare BBSRC press release

Global alliance to bring together research on avian diseases BBSRC press release

New adventures in high street milk feature

BBSRC commit £2M to improve animal health and welfare news


Pig-borne disease most likely jumped into humans when rearing practices changed press release

Over £6M funding awarded to protect British livestock BBSRC press release

BBSRC vision of bioscience for health news

New imaging technique could reveal secrets of organ development BBSRC press release 

Genetic diversity key to protecting dog health say experts press release

New study reveals widespread risk of infectious diseases to wild bees press release

Pollution and climate change put pressure on wildlife press release


BBSRC and USDA-NIFA partner for animal disease prevention research press release

Kidney images reveal the secrets of how organ develops press release


Join the Animal Welfare Research Network news