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Fundamental bioscience news from 2016


Could disease 'tolerance' genes give new life to UK ash trees? press release

Mass insect migrations in UK skies press release

Forming a second line of plant defence – capturing disease-resistant DNA press release


Earlham Institute launches first CyVerse-UK hub for 'big data' analysis press release

£5M awarded for new UK-Brazil joint projects in advanced biofuels and biorefinery research BBSRC press release

BBSRC Chief Executive discusses frontier bioscience at Houses of Parliament BBSRC press release

Warming temperatures can reduce marine diversity but increase freshwater species – showing climate change responses are likely habitat-dependent press release

Scientists discover mechanisms of shape-shifting sea cucumbers press release


Peeling back the layers: scientists use new techniques to uncover hidden secrets of plant stem development press release

Tropical crow species is highly skilled tool user press release 

Seek and you shall find – bees remain excellent searchers even when sick press release

John Innes Centre scientists create new training resource to break down barriers to wheat research press release

Better off alone: biodiversity among soil microbes can be bad news for crops press release


Research alliance to improve aquaculture and livestock breeding press release

Kx financial analytics technology tackles 'Big Data' crop research at biotech leader Earlham Institute press release

Tool-bending birds prompt 'clever crow' rethink press release


A step closer to understanding the 'switch' that triggers flowering in plants press release

Humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of food press release 

Salad days – tomatoes that last longer and still taste good press release

Flagship DNA facility sets sights on advances in science BBSRC press release


Lost hormone found in starfish press release


People in the driving seat as minister announces £3.9M urban regeneration partnerships news

Genes for nose shape found press release


Stem cells know how to open up and unwind press release

A new breakthrough on ash dieback BBSRC press release

New insights into how the brain adapts to stress press release


£2M pledged to safeguard Britain's trees press release


Mirror mirror: Snail shells offer clues to origins of body asymmetry press release

Impacts from European Bioinformatics Institute highlighted in independent evaluation report press release

Mitochondria shown to trigger cell ageing press release

Scientists overcome hurdles for champion racehorses press release


Unravelling chloroplast inheritance in wheat press release

What is the bioeconomy? video 

Screening technique to reinforce fight against ash dieback BBSRC press release 

Crows caught on camera fashioning special hook tools press release