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The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019

Copyright: Lewis Clarke by CC BY-SA 2.0
Date: 1-7 July 2019
Venue: The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG
Map of venue

BBSRC is co-sponsoring this exhibition.


As part of this year’s The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, the Royal Veterinary College will be inviting attendees to play ‘It’s a knockout’, think fairground game meets lab based research. Players will first try to knockout one of the ‘genes’, then they will be shown what ‘new pathogen’ they have created and finally they will get to see the new physiology of the pathogen using model petri dishes.

By using this fun and engaging shooting game, the researchers are sharing how they are using gene knockout techniques to find novel treatments for the Tuberculosis disease.

The research underpinning this game has been funded by BBSRC grant, Mycobacterial determinants of survival and fitness within the bovine host. You can read some more about the game from when it was ran in 2017, see: Ashley Otter: Spooky science event at Royal Institution.

How to register

There is no need to register to visit the exhibition and entry is free, however you may need to queue to enter.

For more information, see: