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Workshop to discuss Non-Faculty Researchers Careers and Recognition

Copyright: Anyaivanova/iStock
Date: 10 March 2017
Venue: Manchester
Invitation only

Organised by BBSRC.

Expressions of interest application deadline (invite only): 27 January 2017, 5pm


Towards the end of 2015 BBSRC circulated a survey requesting views on careers and skills from staff that we referred to as 'non-faculty researchers'. This group included technical staff, researchers operating instruments, facility managers, statisticians, bioinformaticians, technology developers and many others. We used the term 'non-faculty researchers' as there didn't appear to us to be a single job title or defining term to use, and the survey confirmed this, with a plethora of job titles returned.

We received over 800 replies, showing the size and diversity of this group and the concerns and questions they had about their careers and roles. Over the last year we have looked closely at the survey results, discussed these with colleagues within the Research Councils and beyond and considered ways to address some of these issues (see our recent letter in Nature: (PDF)).

We would welcome input from the non-faculty researcher community on our plans thus far. To this end we are organising a consultation and networking workshop on March 10th 2017 in Manchester to discuss our initial conclusions and action plan with you and more importantly, to hear your views.

See Melanie Welham's blog post "Recognition for unsung heroes of research?".

How to attend

Please complete the short form at (read our Terms of use: Key Survey) to express your interest by 27 January 2017, 5pm. Please note that:

  • limitations on space may mean that we may not be able to invite all who are interested in attending the workshop
  • expressions of interest will be balanced to try and ensure that we have representation of views from the huge range of researchers with different backgrounds, early career stage, seniority and discipline
  • applicants will be contacted shortly afterwards with information regarding attendance
  • if you are interested in attending but cannot make it we will make sure that the results of the discussion are available afterward, and provide a route for those of you unable to attend to provide your views