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Understanding the challenge of resistance in agriculture

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Date: 8 November 2016, 10.30am – 4pm
Venue: Park Crescent Conference Centre, London, W1W 5PN
Map of venue

BBSRC is organising this event.

About the Town Meetings

We are hosting two Town Meetings to launch this highlight notice for applications to be submitted by our 27 April 2017 Responsive Mode closing date.  One meeting will be held in Newcastle and the other will be held in London. The programme will be similar for each meeting. See the other town meeting in Newcastle, 28 October 2016, at:

The purpose of the Town Meetings is to raise awareness of the highlight notice, to obtain feedback on the scope of the highlight, and to give participants an opportunity to meet researchers with a variety of expertise, with a view to potentially starting to develop collaborations. Please note that attendance at one of the Town Meetings is not a requirement for applying to the highlight call.

About the highlight

We have previously addressed the issue of resistance to antibacterial agents, and now wish to extend our interests to resistance to other agents used to control pests and diseases in agriculture.

We invite researchers from a range of backgrounds to apply their expertise in underpinning research to advance understanding of the mechanisms and evolution of resistance of pests, weeds, parasites or pathogens to agents used to counter them. (Please note that research focused solely on the mechanisms of bacterial resistance to antibiotics is outside the scope of this highlight.)

This highlight covers resistance in any organism which is a pest or pathogen of crops or farmed animals, including invertebrate pests and vectors of disease, weeds, helminth and arthropod parasites, as well as pathogenic microbes.

London Town Meeting programme (provisional)

10.30 – 11am – Registration and coffee
11am – Welcome and introductions
11.15am – Presentations: the resistance problem (followed by breakout sessions)
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Breakout sessions: what are the scientific opportunities to address the challenges?
3.30pm – Next steps: launch of the highlight
4pm – Close


Professor Lin Field – Rothamsted Research
Professor Eileen Devaney – University of Glasgow
Professor Rob Field – John Innes Centre

How to register

Select the Key Survey link below. The closing date for registration is 1 November 2016.

Participants in the meetings will be asked to provide their name, contact details and a summary of their research expertise. This information will be made available on the BBSRC website after the meetings to allow participants in one meeting to contact participants in the other meeting, to exchange ideas and possibly to develop collaborative approaches. Any participants who do not wish their details to be made public should register as normal and email BBSRC at the address below indicating which meeting they wish to attend and which details they wish to exclude.

Register at: (read our Terms of use: Key Survey).