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UK Research and Innovation Campuses

Since 2011 we have invested nearly £100M in the development of the campuses, alongside an additional £50M of capital funding for the institutes embedded within them.

The campuses form a vital component of the UK innovation ecosystem. Each campus is centred on a critical mass of world-leading bioscience, strategically supported by BBSRC, providing a unique environment where fledgling bioscience based companies can access specialist facilities and exchange ideas with leading researchers, creating a low-risk environment for high-risk innovation.


To lead the development of diverse, cutting-edge campuses that contribute to the bioeconomy and global impact by helping to address challenges surrounding food security, energy security and lifelong health and wellbeing. Our 'UK Research and Innovation Campus Strategy' will optimise the impact of bioscience research and achieve the widest benefits for the economy and society by:

  • supporting the development of research and innovation campuses around world-class, long-standing research institutes with a national focus
  • enabling the creation of new jobs and companies
  • adding value, over and above BBSRC capital funding, through long term strategic commitment, expertise, national oversight and partnership development
  • developing infrastructure to support business presence and very early stage company incubation
  • ensuring access to the national capabilities and outstanding research at the institute


We provide strategic funding for eight institutes, seven of which are based at five separate and distinctive campuses across the UK.

Together the five campuses make a key contribution to the UK innovation ecosystem, ensuring that research makes a variety of important impacts for the UK, enabling economic growth, assuring national security, contributing to interactions with important international trading partners and supporting key economic sectors.

Investment in each of these campus-institute combinations has already enabled the development of excellent science at the institutes, and driven components of the national innovation agenda.

We recognise 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts' and seek to support creative investment across all of the campuses to drive impact from innovation. Further investment will increase the potential to bring even greater impact from research for the widest possible benefit, nationally and internationally.