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ERA-HDHL – ERA-Net Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life

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JPI HDHL website

A European call for transnational proposals administered by the Healthy Diet Healthy Life European Joint Programming Initiative.

Call status: Closed
Previous call: 16 February 2016 – 15 July 2016


We are supporting UK participation in a European call for research which will support the identification and validation of biomarkers for nutrition and health. The call is co-ordinated by the Healthy Diet Healthy Life Joint Programming Initiative and will be co-funded by the European Commission.

Up to £500k is available to support UK participation in at least two transnational projects.


The Healthy Diet Healthy Life Joint Programming Initiative (HDHL JPI) is a transnational initiative to investigate the relationships between diet, exercise and health.

Following the recent refresh of its Strategic Research Agenda, the HDHL JPI is co-ordinating a joint transnational call to develop and validate biomarkers which will address the challenge of accurately and objectively establishing dietary intake, nutritional status and the long-term trajectory from health to disease.

The call involves 17 research funders from 14 Member States and Associated Countries, and will be co-funded by the European Commission.

Further background is available in the call text.

Scientific objectives

The call aims to support the identification and validation of reliable biomarkers or biomarker patterns which will provide tools to:

  • monitor key biological processes underlying the relationship between human nutrition and health
  • assess nutritional intake, status and efficacy of nutritional interventions

The call focuses on the identification and validation of biomarkers that are modulated by diet and that indicate a change in diet-related health status. Biomarkers of physical activity may be considered alongside diet.

Further details are available in the call text.


  • Each consortium must involve between three and six research groups eligible for funding, from at least three different countries. Collaborators with externally secured funding may also form part of consortia
  • Details of participating funders and further consortium criteria are provided in the call text
  • Standard BBSRC eligibility criteria will apply to UK partners and research proposals including UK partners must be within BBSRC remit
  • Potential applicants are advised to contact BBSRC to discuss any eligibility or remit queries
  • Up to £250k UK costs may be requested per proposal

Full eligibility criteria and costings guidelines are provided in the call text (overall consortium requirements), guidelines for applicants and UK-specific information.

How to apply

This call is closed to applications.

  • There will be a two-stage application process.
  • Pre-proposals should be submitted through the JPI HDHL electronic submission system by 19 April 2016, 4pm Central European Time (CET)
  • Proposals should be submitted by the project co-ordinator, but all Principle Investigators must be registered on the JPI HDHL Meta Data Base
  • Applicants will be advised in early June 2016 whether or not they have been invited to submit a full proposal, application deadline 15 July 2016, 4pm CET

Full details, including pre-proposal document structure, are provided in the guidelines for applicants.

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