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Case for Support and Track Record

The Case for Support should be a self-contained description of the proposed project with relevant background, and should not depend on additional information. The Track Record is for each applicant to provide a summary of previous research that is related to the proposed project.

Peer reviewers are advised to base their assessment solely on the information contained within the application and are instructed not to access external links. BBSRC reserves the right to withdraw proposals that contain links to additional information which extends the Case for Support.

The page limit for the combined Case for Support and Track Record is maximum eight sides of A4.

Proposals exceeding the eight page limit, or not adhering to the specified format, will not be considered. More specific instructions relating to format of the Case for Support may be detailed for some strategic programmes. These will be set out in the call guidance on the relevant call page.

Case for Support

The Case for Support should provide a description of the proposed research and its content. Lists of references and illustrations should be included in the page limit and should not be submitted as additional documents or as an annex. Applicants must not include URLs to web resources in order to extend their Case for Support.

Recommended page length is up to seven pages within the overall eight page limit.

The Case for Support should include the following sections:


This section should:

  • introduce the topic of research and explain its academic and wider context
  • demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of past and current work in the subject area both in the UK and abroad.

Programme and methodology

This section should:

  • identify the overall aims of the project and the individual measurable objectives against which you would wish the outcome of the work to be assessed. This should refer to the objectives set out in the proposal form
  • detail the methodology to be used in pursuit of the research and justify this choice
  • explain why the proposed project is of sufficient timeliness and novelty to warrant consideration for funding
  • describe the programme of work, indicating the research to be undertaken and the milestones that can be used to measure its progress. The detail should be sufficient to indicate the programme of work for each member of the research team
  • explain how the project will be managed.


References should appear in a list at the end of the Case for Support and be linked to relevant text by, for example, sequential numbering and superscript reference numbers embedded in the body of the document. The citation of preprints is acceptable, see: Use of preprints in BBSRC-funded research.

Within the list of references, URL links to relevant publications or online resources are permissible on the condition that they do not extend the Case for Support.

Track Record

The information provided in the Track Record should relate to all applicants involved in the project.

The Track Record should:

  • provide a summary of the results and conclusions of your recent work in the technological/scientific area which is covered by the research proposal. Include reference to both BBSRC-funded and non BBSRC-funded work. Details of past collaborative work with industry and/or with other beneficiaries should be given
  • indicate where your previous work has contributed to the UK's economic competitiveness or to improving the quality of life
  • outline the specific expertise available for the research at the host organisation and that of any associated organisations.

Recommended page length is one to two pages within the overall eight page limit.