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Linking the Environment And Farming (LEAF) science resources

Copyright: LEAF

In 2016, we partnered up with Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) to create fun science resources to engage young families at the UK wide farm event – Open Farm Sunday.

We launched a competition calling on our funded scientists to submit ideas, out of which three were successful. The winning institutions were:

  • The Roslin Institute
  • The University of Sheffield
  • John Innes Centre

Cute eggs

This resource from The Roslin Institute communicated the importance of the invisible protein cuticle that surrounds an egg in protecting it from harmful bacteria. Available to download were informative posters and instructions for setting up your own 'Invasion Challenge' activity, a 3D game to show how bacteria can get into an egg; as well as the 'Egg Lab', where the protein cuticle can be seen through dying. Both of these required extra materials.

Improving soil to improve our food

These resources from The University of Sheffield highlighted the importance of maintaining healthy soil for our crops and livestock. A handbook and two supporting posters were available to download for users to create and present their own rhizotron, worm farm and much more. These activities allowed you to observe the roots of plants as they grow, see how worms work to keep soil full of air, and help you to see why soil quality is so important in the prevention of flooding.

Science in the farmer's field

This resource from the John Innes Centre communicated the growth cycle of wheat as well as some of the science and technology involved in improving arable practices.