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Easy PEAsy seed germination

Easy PEAsy teachers pack and student sheets (PDF 2.41MB)

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Many land based plants reproduce using seeds. Seeds are embryonic plants that are formed after sexual reproduction. The embryo is enclosed in a protective outer coating with a food store. Without leaves to carry out photosynthesis the seed needs another source of energy to germinate. The food store provides the energy required to form a root and a stem, even in the absence of light. The seedlings that start poking their way out of the soil are the result of this germination process. Some seeds have survived thousands of years, lying dormant underground before germinating.

About the resource

Easy PEAsy seed germination is a practical investigation, suitable for Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds). The objective of the lesson is to determine which conditions are necessary for pea seed germination. There are practical instructions for the students and worksheets to assess learning. The resource also features a crossword and word search to help students improve their scientific literacy.