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Flu fighters

Flu fighters The Roslin Institute

The team

From The Pirbright Institute and The Roslin Institute:

  • Professor Paul Digard
  • Dr Colin Butter
  • Dr Nicola Stock
  • Zoe Williamson
  • Dr Munir Iqbal
  • Dr Holly Shelton

The science behind the exhibit

Flu Fighters focuses on influenza viruses and the science behind the different approaches to combating flu at two of the UK’s leading bioscience research institutes, The Pirbright Institute and The Roslin Institute.

Find out about how we are:

  • using genetics to study different strains of flu and how the virus is transmitted between animals and humans
  • developing better flu vaccines and diagnostic tests
  • creating flu-resistant farm animals using GM technology

About the exhibit

  • Interactive flu virus – create your own virus strain and find out the meaning behind flu virus names like H5N1
  • Hands-on diagnostic testing – take samples and diagnose our model chicken
  • GM chickens – discover how our GM chickens could prevent flu infections spreading on the farm, find out more and have your say on the technology
  • Meet the scientists – a chance to find out about cutting-edge influenza research from the scientists themselves


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Flu fighters