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Darwin Today

Darwin Today

This Research Councils UK exhibition, led by BBSRC, celebrates the importance of modern evolutionary biology and the pioneering work of Charles Darwin.

The exhibition launched in time for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth in February 2009 and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his most famous work, On the Origin of Species.

During Darwin’s anniversary year, Darwin Today visited over 30 venues. The tour has ended although the resources are still available below:

Charles Darwin – still changing the way we think about our world

What was Darwin's theory and how does it continue to influence modern research and the way we think about ourselves and our society?

Darwin, biodiversity and a changing world

How does Darwin's theory help us understand our changing world and the importance of biodiversity to us and the planet?

Darwin's theory – no stranger to controversy

Darwin's theory is widely accepted, but still attracts debate. Why is that?

Does evolution put us in our place?

How much does Darwin's theory tell us about ourselves and our place in the universe?

Putting evolution to work

Darwin's theory is a powerful tool to understand and change our world.

Evaluation of Darwin Today exhibitions

Including aims against which the project was evaluated.