Findings and recommendations

The findings of the synthetic biology public dialogue were published on 14 June 2010 at an event in London.

Six areas of the report were highlighted for further consideration and action:

  • The uniqueness of synthetic biology
  • The leadership and funding roles of the Research Councils
  • Developing the capabilities for the scientists to think through responsibilities
  • What innovation looks like under these circumstances
  • Controlling the science
  • Future dialogue

The report, and supporting materials, can be found below. Hard copies are available on request.

BBSRC and EPSRC have considered the report's recommendations and have now written to everyone who contributed to the Synthetic Biology Dialogue report setting out the actions the research councils will take in response. A copy of this response letter can be downloaded below.

Evaluators, Laura Grant Associates, have been involved in this dialogue from the outset. Their interim report covers the period to the launch of TNS-BMRB's report in June 2010. Their final report details findings from a 6 month follow-up study carried out to understand where the dialogue has had influence. Both reports are available below.

In November 2010 BBSRC and EPSRC published a response to the recommendations of the dialogue and outlined the actions we planned to take. In May 2013 we published an update on those, and other, activities in a report that demonstrates the wide range of impacts that this dialogue has had.