Food, nutrition and health

April 2014

Public dialogue on BBSRC's emerging Food, Nutrition and Health Strategic Framework.

In 2013 BBSRC's Bioscience for Health Strategy Advisory Panel established a Working Group to develop BBSRC's strategic focus and research portfolio in food, nutrition and health. In order to draw on a broad range of perspectives in developing a strategic framework for research, BBSRC commissioned a small scale public dialogue, delivered by Hopkins Van Mil, to explore public attitudes to this research area.

The public workshops were held on 10 and 12 March 2014.

A BBSRC response to the findings is published below.

Final report and evaluation

Aim of the work

BBSRC's Strategic Framework for research in food, nutrition and health is shaped with input from 20 diverse, and broadly demographic, representatives of the public.


  • Engage in meaningful conversations on the challenges in the food, nutrition and health space on which BBSRC should focus
  • Engage in meaningful conversations about the role of different actors in the food, nutrition and health research system (for instance industry, policy makers, research funders and consumers)
  • Engage a range of views & values
  • Provide advice which is relevant to BBSRC and to which it can respond
  • Demonstrate BBSRC's commitment to open and transparent strategic planning