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About the project

The Bioenergy Dialogue took place between September 2012 and December 2013 and was carried out by BBSRC with co-funding and support from Sciencewise. The data analysis was conducted by Ipsos MORI and the project was evaluated by Collingwood Environmental Planning (CEP).


  • To explore with members of the public, their views in regard to bioenergy, and consider those views in our strategy and policy development in bioenergy
  • To pilot a novel approach to public dialogue, to develop an ongoing, informed discussion between ourselves, our research community, the public and other stakeholders, around bioenergy research


  • To facilitate discussions between the BBSRC scientific community involved in bioenergy research and members of the public
  • To identify public views, concerns and aspirations about the science, social implications, and ethics of bioenergy research
  • To raise awareness within BBSRC of the needs and views of the public in relation to bioenergy
  • To inform our strategy and policy setting around bioenergy
  • To disseminate our findings to key stakeholders, for example, the government
  • To develop and test a novel, flexible model of dialogue for discussion of complex issues that enables engagement with a large group of people nationwide


A report of the dialogue was published on 23 December 2013 and can be found below.

The evaluators, Collingwood Environmental Planning, have been involved with the project from the outset and their interim report on the governance of the dialogue is published below. It should be noted that the publication of this report was delayed until after completion of the dialogue and well after the completion of the practical aspects of the dialogue. It has therefore not been possible for BBSRC to take account, during this project, of the recommendations made in the report. A final evaluation report, which evaluates the process of the dialogue, is also published below. 

These reports were discussed by the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Outreach Group, the Bioscience for Society Strategy Panel and the Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Strategy Advisory Panel and used to inform the work of those groups. Our response is available below also.

Download the report

Bioenergy Dialogue final report (PDF 1.05MB)

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Evaluation of the Governance of BBSRC's Bioenergy Public Dialogue (PDF 794KB)

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Evaluation of the Bioenergy Dialogue – final report (PDF 1.97MB)

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BBSRC response (PDF 271KB)

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