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Bioenergy public dialogue

December 2013

Fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas are non-renewable, and they will become harder to obtain at today's prices. Also, burning these fuels releases large amounts of greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change. The need to find alternative energy supplies has never been greater. Bioenergy could contribute to an energy solution relying on renewables while offering the promise that it will take account of environmental, social and economic issues. This public dialogue will examine these promises by exploring public views around the issues that bioenergy raises.

  • With rising food prices, should we be using our farm land to grow energy crops?
  • How could bioenergy technologies impact on biodiversity, farmers and the economy?

There is potential for huge scientific and technological advancement in bioenergy as an area of research, but it is crucial that the field remains responsive to public needs and concerns, as the science develops. We want to ensure that contemporary public views, concerns and aspirations are taken into account as more sustainable bioenergy solutions are developed.

This is a national project, co-funded by Sciencewise, which has enabled us to discuss bioenergy with a wider audience so that our strategy development in bioenergy can be responsive to public opinion.

Learn more about the project below.