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Special bonus scheme

1. Status of awards

Awards under the Special Bonus Scheme (SBS) are paid as non-consolidated cash sums in all cases. They are non-pensionable and are not reckonable for overtime or other similar payments.

2. Eligibility

All employees in Bands A-F are eligible for consideration for a special bonus (SB).  Other remuneration arrangements apply above these grades.

3. Limits and quotas

The sum of awards in any financial year must not become more than 0.3% of the establishment’s pay bill for that year (based on the estimated pay bill as at 1 April annually). The minimum limit on an individual's cash awards is £100 and the maximum award is £1000. The hours worked by part time employees should be a factor when the decision is being made on the appropriate sum to be awarded.  This applies to both individual and team awards.  Management will take care to avoid pay anomalies and equal pay issues arising from payments under the SBS. No team or individual should receive more than one award in a given financial year.  Special Bonus Awards for Band Gs above the standard formula also form part of the 0.3% quota pot referred to above.

4. Criteria

SBS payments are intended to reward one-off or otherwise unusual situations or efforts which would not be covered by performance pay. SBS awards are designed to recognise specific achievements or actions which are demonstrably beyond the normal requirements of the job, in a particularly demanding situation. As the intention is to reward employees who have performed well on a particular task, awards need not necessarily correlate with overall performance.

5. Nomination procedures

Directors can consider SBS nominations on an ad hoc basis, at any time during the year. However, to avoid the possibility of double-counting, it is recommended that SBS nominations be considered at the same time as performance nomination and by the same group. Nominations should be submitted in writing containing enough detail, examples and supplementary papers to allow management to make a fair assessment of the proposal (appendix A7.16i). Nominations can be made for individuals or teams and can be made by the line manager, co-signatory or the individual/team itself. In the case of a team nomination, all members of the team will normally receive the same cash award.

6. Standards

These must be applied in as consistent and fair a manner as possible and there must be proper scrutiny of all recommendations.

7. Notification

Employees who have been nominated for a SBS award will be notified at the time of nomination. Those whose nominations are successful will be given the reason for their awards, which should be paid as soon as possible after approval. Directors should use their discretion in deciding whether to publish the names of recipients. In order to demonstrate fairness, the local NCC will be informed of the number of awards made, by gender, and their value.

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Last updated 25/08/16
Amendment 194 – August 2016