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A7.12: Main page

Salary advances and deductions

1. Introduction

We deduct certain subscriptions, including Trade Union, at source. Please obtain further details from your local Payroll Office.

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2. Authority for deductions

If you wish to authorise a deduction from your pay you must obtain a standard form of authority from the organisation concerned and return it to the organisation who will forward it to the establishment. Deductions should start from the earliest possible date thereafter.

Forms of authority to make deductions from pay in respect of the Civil Service Benevolent Fund can be obtained from The Secretary, Fund House, Anne Boleyn's Walk, Cheam, Sutton, Surrey SM3 8DY.

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3. Annual/quarterly subscriptions

Annual subscriptions of monthly paid employees are divisible by 12 and those of weekly paid employees by 52. Quarterly subscriptions should be divisible by 3 or 13.

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4. Trade Union subscriptions - political levy

In the case of those Trade Unions whose subscriptions include a political levy, arrangements are made to ensure:

  1. that an establishment shall not at any time have information about the numbers or identities of members contributing to the levy; and
  2. that members who contract out of the levy shall be relieved of the levy part of the periodical contribution

To meet the requirements above:

  1. if you are a member wishing to take advantage of the scheme you must authorise the deduction for the full amount of a subscription which includes the political levy whether or not you have contracted out of the levy
  2. political levy for the ensuing year to those of its members who have authorised their subscriptions to be deducted from pay and who have contracted out of paying the levy

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5. Advances of salaries and wages

There is the possibility of arranging a salary advance if you are in the following situations:

  1. if you need financial assistance to purchase a bicycle or a quarterly/longer season ticket for rail/bus travel between your home and place of work, or for car parking or
  2. in particular cases of hardship

The final decision on whether or not an advance will be given will be made at management discretion. To apply for a salary advance:

  • For establishments using UK SBS Ltd – please use the BBSRC Salary Advance form available on the KnowledgeBase
  • For establishments not using UK SBS Ltd, please see application form in appendix A7:13i

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6. Transfer of employees

If you transfer from 1 establishment to another, any deductions from your salary will continue except when there has been a change of employer. In this circumstance you must endorse the authority substituting the name of the new employer for that of the old employer and initial the alteration.

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Last updated 29/03/10
Amendment 88 - March 2010