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A13: Main page

1. Disclosure of information and data

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. This is guidance for employees and former employees regarding information disclosure. JNCC employers cannot accept responsibility or liability for errors or omissions, you are responsible for your own actions and infringement of copyright laws might render you liable to disciplinary action and possible prosecution. See appendix A13.1 for further guidance.

1.1.2. Any documents, reports, papers and data compiled, written or collected by you in the course of your duty remain the property of the establishment and/or BBSRC and are copyright protected. You must not disclose such material, or any privileged information gained by you in the course of your work, unless the  Director has given you prior permission.

1.1.3. If you are in any doubt as to whether copying a particular article would constitute an infringement of copyright laws, refer it immediately to the librarian or office equivalent.

1.2. Public Interest Disclosure Act

Nothing in this section stops you from making a protected disclosure under the provisions of the Public Interest Disclosure Act guidance.

1.3. After employment

1.3.1. These provisions also apply to you after your employment with us has ended. If after leaving employment, you wish to use or reproduce any written material produced in the course of your employment you must obtain the permission of the copyright holder. This includes any material of which you were part or full author. Failure to do so will render you liable to prosecution.

1.3.2. Use or disclosure of confidential or copyright information after you have left our employment will expose you to liability for legal action to prevent further disclosure and/or to claim damages.