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A9: Main page

Health and safety policy

1. Introduction

We recognise our responsibility for ensuring that workers and the public are properly protected. We do this by balancing benefits and risks, with a focus on reducing risks which arise more often and those with serious consequences. Please see our H&S policy statement – appendix A9.1

2. We will ensure that any risks we create are managed responsibly. You need to be aware that as well as the right to protection, you also have responsibilities. In particular you will:

  • work safely and efficiently
  • comply with our health and safety arrangements and use the protective equipment provided in the proper manner
  • report to your line manager or to the local Health and Safety Advisor failures in health and safety provisions and all incidents, that have led, or may lead, to injury or damage
  • follow our policy and guidance
  • help to investigate accidents with the object of introducing measures to prevent a recurrence
  • consult with management continuously to improve health and safety standards and performance

3. In addition to this, other individuals have specific responsibilities – see appendix A9.1

4 We will provide appropriate training and make available competent health and safety advice and resources to protect you. See paragraph 2.3,  appendix A9.1

5 To help us to comply with the Health and Safety Policy, specific policies on accident prevention, COSHH, working with biological agents, radiation protection etc, have been developed.

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Amendment 52 - October 2008