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Appendix A10.3

Personal consultancies or other work

Subject to the written approval of the Director, you may undertake one or more personal consultancies for external bodies in areas of work relevant to the establishment or BBSRC, and may receive and retain payment for the consultancy, provided:-

  1. that any contract of employment arising from the consultancy is made direct with you; and
  2. the work is done wholly outside normal working hours; or
  3. the amount of time committed to the work does not exceed half a working day per week averaged over a 6 month period.

Where a consultancy arrangement involves a time allocation exceeding 50% of your normal working time, we will normally expect you to transfer under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations) to the company concerned or to reduce the time allocation to below 50%.

Where you transfer employment in these circumstances, we may offer you leave of absence for a maximum of two years with the right to return to a comparable post in the establishment any time within that period.

The Director will discuss the proposal and any contractual implications with you.

You must discuss with the Director whether you may negotiate your own fees if you are undertaking an approved consultancy, or if fixed rates exist at local level. However, before final approval is given, you must advise the Director of the level of payments. The Director must decide whether the establishment should make a charge for any resources that would be used.

Consultancy payments involving ‘spin-out’ companies from the establishment, or other companies with which the establishment has a corporate research relationship, must be made through the establishment’s financial and payroll system.

Other work: You must seek the written approval of the Director prior to accepting paid work for an employer other than BBSRC. You will be permitted to take on such other paid employment only if it is not to the detriment of your employment with BBSRC. Also see appendix A10.11.

Last updated by nt 26/02/08
Amendment: 14 - February 2008