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Appendix A10.10

Political activities

1. All employees

You are free to take part in both national and local political activities see paragraph 4 below for a definition of political activities) provided that:

a) you make it clear at all times that you do so in a personal capacity, and do not use your official position to further your political activities;

b) your political activities do not interfere with the performance of your duties (except if special leave is allowed as per paragraph 10, section A8;

c) you do not divulge confidential information gained in the course of your official duties; and

d) you obtain the permission of the Director before making any direct or indirect public reference to:

  • the department or establishment/unit or
  • the activities of these bodies

beyond a simple statement in manifestos or other public documents that you are employed by the BBSRC, the establishment, section, as applicable. The Director will consult the Director of Human Resources Group.

We expect you to exercise special care to avoid becoming involved in political controversy on matters relating to your research programme or other programmes supported by BBSRC.

2. Employees standing as parliamentary candidates

In addition to the above, if you propose to seek adoption as a parliamentary candidate you must advise your Director accordingly. You must inform your Director as soon as possible if you are adopted as a parliamentary candidate.

If you stand for parliament we may allow you special leave under paragraph 10, section A8.  If you are elected you will have to resign from the day of the election; if you are not elected you can return to duty.

4. Definition of political activities

Political activities are defined as follows:

  • adoption as a candidate for either the United Kingdom or European Parliaments, the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • candidature for, or co-option to, any local authority
  • holding offices in party political organisations, which impinge on party politics in the national or local field
  • speaking in public on matters of national or local party political controversy
  • expressing party political views on such matters in letters to the Press, or in books, articles, leaflets, mail shots by e-mail or via the internet
  • canvassing on behalf of a parliamentary candidate, a candidate for election to a local authority, or a political party or local political organisation

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Amendment: 14 February 2008