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To lead world-class 21st century bioscience, promoting innovation in the bioeconomy and realising benefits for society within and beyond the UK.

BBSRC has a unique and central place in supporting the UK’s world-leading position in bioscience. We are an investor in research and training, with the aim of furthering scientific knowledge, to promote economic growth, wealth and job creation and to improve quality of life in the UK and beyond.

In the coming decades bioscience will be central to providing solutions to major challenges, such as:

  • Feeding 9 billion people sustainably by 2050
  • Developing renewable ‘low carbon’ sources of energy, transport fuels and chemicals to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Staying healthier for longer as lifespans increase and society ages.

Our vision is structured around three themes that outline key challenges for the years ahead:

  • Advancing the frontiers of bioscience discovery
    • Understanding the rules of life
    • Transformative technologies
  • Tackling strategic challenges
    • Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food
    • Bioscience for renewable resources and clean growth
    • Bioscience for an integrated understanding of health
  • Building strong foundations
    • People and talent
    • Infrastructure
    • Collaboration, partnerships and knowledge exchange

For further information, please see: Forward Look for UK Bioscience.

Bioscience facts and figures

We have complied a collection of facts and figures which help set the scene and give context to the challenges we face and which bioscience can help address.

Bioscience facts and figures, June 2017 (PDF 1.76MB)

You may need to download additional plug-ins to open this file.