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Bioscience for Renewable Resources and Clean Growth Strategy Advisory Panel

Industrial biotechnology (IB) is the use of biological resources – including plants, algae, marine life, fungi and micro-organisms – to produce and process materials, chemicals and energy. The production of biopharmaceutical proteins, antimicrobial compounds and pharmaceutical intermediates are considered to be in scope for IB projects. We have a major role in supporting the development of novel strains of organism and new biological processes towards improved manufacturing.

Overall, the fruits of investment in IBBE will in turn reduce UK dependency on fossil fuels, maintain modern standards of living (here and abroad) and help drive the UK Bioeconomy.

The Bioscience for Renewable Resources and Clean Growth Strategy Advisory Panel functions to provide us with external and independent input to the development of strategy in the IBBE research area.

Formal meetings normally occur twice per year, usually in spring and winter.

The Panel has a relatively high proportion of Industry representatives since partnership with companies is embedded in the IBBE area and reflected in BBSRC IBBE funding mechanisms. This partnership is also a component of the emerging role of the SAP in national IBBE strategy. To ensure diversity, each of the Industry positions is based on a distinct commercial area.


The Strategy Advisory Panel will:

  • Develop and maintain an overview of relevant research, training and knowledge exchange across the BBSRC community
  • Maintain an overview of the research, training and knowledge exchange activities supported by other sponsors nationally and internationally
  • Advise on the strategic direction of BBSRC research, training and knowledge exchange to maintain UK competitiveness
  • Advise on building a multidisciplinary research community and supporting delivery of industrial biotechnology in the UK


Mr Paul Mines (Chair) - Biome Bioplastics
Dr Will Barton - Oxford Biotrans
Professor Neil Bruce - University of York
Dr David Chaplin - Dr Reddy’s
Professor Ben Davis - University of Oxford
Dr Edward Green - Chain Biotechnology
Dr David Humphreys - UCB
Professor Gary Lye - University College London
Professor Sarah O’Connor - John Innes Centre
Dr Neil Parry - Unilever
Dr Michele Stanley - Scottish Association for Marine Science
Dr Nina Sweet - Wastes & Resources Action Programme
Professor Phillip Wright - Newcastle University

Meeting dates


  • 21 June


  • 5 October
  • 22 May
  • 16 January


  • 24 May
  • 8 September

This panel was previously the Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (IBBE) Strategy Advisory Panel. Historical documents have not changed.