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Bioscience for an Integrated Understanding of Health

Bioscience for an Integrated Understanding of Health (BIUH) is one of BBSRC’s three high level priority areas and aims to provide sustained research investment to improve health and wellbeing across the lifecourse, reducing the need for medical and social interventions.

Terms of reference

Under the BBSRC strategic priority in BIUH (with a particular focus on lifelong health and wellbeing), the panel will:

  • develop and maintain an overview of relevant research, training and knowledge exchange across the BBSRC community
  • maintain an overview of the research, training and knowledge exchange activities supported by other sponsors, both nationally and internationally
  • advise BBSRC on the strategic direction of its research, training and knowledge exchange portfolio, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the UK in line with the Strategic Plan.

Additionally the panel will:

  • provide advice on BBSRC's strategy for 'one biology, one health', and (with the Bioscience for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Strategy Advisory Panel) advise on the animal health and welfare aspects of its food security priority
  • maintain an overview of BBSRC policy on the use of animals in research


Name Institution Expertise
Professor Paul Haggarty (Chair) University of Aberdeen - The Rowett Institute Nutrition, epigenetics and lifelong health
Dr Harry Barraza LGC Drug discovery, nutrition
Dr Neil Brewis F-Star Drug discovery and animal welfare
Professor Helen Cassaday University of Nottingham Behavioural neuroscience, animal behaviour and welfare
Professor Ian Chambers The University of Edinburgh Stem cells and regenerative biology
Professor Deborah Dunn-Walters University of Surrey Immunology and ageing
Professor Louise Dye University of Leeds Nutrition and behaviour
Professor Eric Fèvre University of Liverpool One health and infectious disease
Professor Jonathan Heeney University of Cambridge Vaccinology, immunology, host-pathogen interaction
Professor David Kipling Cardiff University Ageing and Immunology
Professor Michael Muller University of East Anglia Nutrigenomics and systems nutrition
Professor Fiona Tomley Royal Veterinary College Parasitology, host-pathogen interaction, vaccinology

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This panel was previously the Bioscience for Health Strategy Advisory Panel. Historical documents have not changed.